Homeschool in Memphis

Who Was Casey Jones?

A Folk Hero Do you live near the Memphis, TN area? If so, you will love the Casey Jones Museum in Jackson, TN, just a short one-hour drive from Memphis, TN. Our homeschool group, P226 Innovative Homeschoolers visited the museum last Friday. We have been living in Memphis for exactly ten years this month and… Continue reading Who Was Casey Jones?

Homeschool Friends

Will My Homeschooler Make Friends This Year?

Well, that's up to them - and you! To be honest, I really thought the idea that homeschoolers don’t socialize was not a subject anymore until a few weeks ago. Our family was at a church gathering when a woman asked where my children go to school, and I told her they’re homeschooled. She looked… Continue reading Will My Homeschooler Make Friends This Year?

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Are There Any Good Family Movies…

I Mean Really Good Movies... Our family loves family nights and we especially love it when we find a great family movie to watch on family night. We don’t watch a lot of mainstream movies. We have been lucky lately with a few oldies.  Last night we found a good Christian family movie. But first… Continue reading Are There Any Good Family Movies…