Homeschool Solitude

Homeschool Solitude

Do you have a place in your home to rest in prayer?

The Bible tells us of the many times Jesus Christ retreated to pray alone with God. In each of those instances there was a purpose to his quiet time with God.

For example:

In Luke 4 Jesus had just been baptized and went into the wilderness 40 days to pray. This time alone with God in prayer was prior to Jesus’ public ministry. One might consider this time alone with God in prayer as preparation for the very important task ahead of him.

Further down in Luke 6 Jesus spent the night in prayer with God and the next day gathered all his disciples and chose 12 of them to be apostles. Scholars say this was a time of prayer for making an important decision.

Continuing down in Luke 22 Jesus spent time alone in prayer prior to his arrest. Scholars say this prayer is a time when Jesus was in distress.

There are several other examples of Jesus Christ alone in prayer; Mark 6:30-32 for when he and his disciples needed to recharge after ministry, Matthew 14:1-13 a prayer through grief.

What does this mean for your homeschool journey?

As we begin the new school year do you have a place of solitude to pray and be alone with God? Jesus Christ needed time alone with God for various reasons and it’s safe to say – so do we.

In one of my posts from last week, I shared pictures of our new patio furniture.

This has quickly become my new “sanctuary”, if you will. I have already been out there with my coffee and quiet time several times and my children already know not to come out there if I am out there praying.

Just in the past few days I have sat out there (yes even though it’s been very hot – and raining) and I do my best to listen to what God wants to say.

He is With You

Homeschooling is not something we do on our own. Homeschooling is not meant to be a journey by yourself. God has called you to something special and he doesn’t expect you to go at it by yourself. He expects you to go to your quiet place, your sanctuary – and allow Him to guide you every single day. There are many times you will need prayer for your homeschool journey – decisions, to regather yourself, to cry when you’ve had a bad day.

Do you have a place in your home to call your sanctuary? It doesn’t have to be fancy. Susanna Wesley, the mother of Methodist pioneers Charles and John Wesley put a covering over her head while sitting in her living room and her 19 children knew that was her prayer time with God and not to disturb her.

I encourage you to create a space in your home, on the sofa, in your room, outside – wherever – and spend time in prayer for your children and homeschool journey daily. Susanna Wesley’s influence on her children was strong.

Create the same influence on your journey this school year and enjoy quiet time with God in your home sanctuary of solitude.

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not email me today and I will pray with you.

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