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What are Your Children Doing Today?

Being Productive…

So, our family has been talking a lot lately about giving 110 percent in all we do. I try to encourage my children to wake up every single day to pray and spend time with God. I tell them whatever God calls them to – give it their all. 

I don’t know about you, but you can see it everywhere, people are obsessed with having something to do. Sometimes we rest on the idea of having something to do, so we can post it on social media. We haven’t learned anything from the experience. In fact, we probably really don’t care about the experience. We have something to do, we got our picture to post – so mission accomplished, right? (There’s nothing wrong with having something fun to do and share it on social media.) But we forget at times how much we can learn from our experiences.

I like to believe some of the positive situations we get to experience are a gift from God to learn from and to give God our best.


Yesterday, there were a few moments I witnessed in my children where they learned, worked hard, and did their best to give God 110 percent.

My son Jaden is helping our church with their city-wide mission focus week. He also had to work yesterday. He decided on his own he wanted to go help serve the church for an hour, outside in the sun (have I mentioned how hot it is in Memphis, TN, this summer?), at the sports camp he is assigned to, and then go to work. I was very proud of him for wanting to use his time before work productively. He did not have to go serve at the church sports camp at all. He could have woken up late, right before going to work. But he made the decision to use his time wisely to serve his church and then go to work. 

Work clothes after work ready to be washed!

My daughter Gabi and I decided to pick up our new patio furniture. We then decided we’d do our best to assemble it. (Well, I didn’t really do anything, but sit next to her for support – AND take pictures)

But she followed the instructions herself and assembled the patio furniture. 

She then finished off her day by making the family chocolate raspberry tarts. 

Ephesians 5:15-17 Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.

This verse is really a warning during the times we are living in (even during the times in which the context of this verse) thousands of years ago. God wants us to use the time He gives us wisely because we are living in dark times. When our children are using their time to be productive, they have less time to be unwise. They have less time to be sucked into this dark world. They are using their time to gain wisdom for greater things God has in store for them. But not just them, those whom they will come into contact with for God’s purpose. They are learning when they use their time wisely because there is always a time to learn something new. 

A time for everything…

Ecclesiastes 3 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

Help your children learn how to be productive and allow them to learn and explore the world. Help them to honor God with their time for He has great plans for them. The plans God has for them won’t just show up at their door. The plans He has for them is more than filling their day. His plans are far greater. When they use their time wisely God can and will lead them down a path for Him.

Today, bring God’s wisdom into your home for His great purpose and help your children use their time wisely today.

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not email me today and I will pray with you.

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