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Homeschool Watermelon Cupcakes

A burst of watermelon in the first bite!

Taking a break from our homeschool prayers, I want to share with you these amazing watermelon cupcakes my daughter Gabi made as a lesson for our homeschool group.

We own a very popular homeschool organization here in Memphis, TN, called P226 Innovative Homeschoolers. We organize field trips, workshops and social gatherings.

We offered a baking class the other day. 

My daughter Gabi loves to bake so for a fun summer activity we put together a watermelon cupcake baking class.

Teaching Moments

We taught the students the importance of following steps and using ingredients properly. 

We taught them the science behind melted butter vs soften butter. Believe it or not, some of the parents who attended did not know how to turn food a certain color, so we taught the students how to color food. The students learned how to use piping bags and tips to decorate their cupcakes. 

They LOVED it!

The biggest take-a-way though was our secret ingredient.

Over Achieve

Every single recipe we found online on watermelon cupcakes looked pretty. They looked like watermelon, but not one recipe offered a suggestion for the cupcakes to TASTE like watermelon. We decided we wanted to be overachievers here and go a little further than making a pretty cupcake. We added a watermelon flavor drink pouch to the icing, and oh, my goodness – they turned out AMAZING.

The students LOVED them!

The moral of this short and sweet post today is, go one step further. Don’t just do something great – do something amazing! You have no idea who you will impact when you go the extra mile. Our students LOVED learning how to make super pretty – and yummy – watermelon cupcakes! 

Matthew 5:41  “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”

Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

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