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Does Your Child Know How to Budget for Groceries?

Author: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

Two years ago, me and my husband hosted a workshop for local homeschoolers to teach them how to budget for the grocery store.

Budgeting for groceries is a very practical learning tool which is often overlooked in traditional and homeschool settings. Yet, it is very important. Learning how to budget will teach a child and future adult how to become disciplined and focused.

For the workshop we brought in newspapers. Sure – most people don’t read a physical newspaper anymore – but maybe we should sometimes. We showed the students how to look at items at their local grocery store and begin to price out those items with a budget.

We gave each child a $20.00 budget, a budget list, and had them find items within their budget. We then took one of their budget grocery lists and wrote it out on the board for everyone to see. Having a visual (rather than relying on your mind) will in fact help anyone stay within their grocery budget.

We then taught the students about the all important tax – which cannot be ignored!

The workshop was a huge hit!

We oftentimes get so caught up in the ABC’s, ACT’s, sports, and so forth – yet we send our children into the world without everyday practical learning tips. How nice to have a child who has a great career – but cannot budget his or her money properly with something as simple as grocery shopping.

I encourage you to take the time now to teach your children innovative practical learning!

They’ll be better for it and love you for it!!

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS