Homeschool Imagination

If Your Homeschooler Painted The Wall…

What Would You Do?

Author: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS

I once heard an educator say; “encourage your child’s imagination.”

Sometimes our children will do things that might seem silly or annoying to us – but it might be their true selves blooming.

One day, my then two-year-old daughter, Gabi (now fourteen), was very quiet in her room. I walked to her room and there she was – drawing all over the wall! My first instinct was to be upset – but I recall what that educator said; “encourage your child’s imagination.”

Instead, I politely asked her to not draw on her wall and suggested other places for her to draw. And a few weeks later we simply repainted the wall.

To this day, Gabi can draw some of the most beautiful pictures.

Saleama A. Ruvalcaba

A Gabi original.

Fast-forward several years…to our six-year-old.

Back in the summer our family had an impromptu picnic lunch in the park. We ordered a pizza and brought it with us.

We brought the leftover pizza home.

When we got home, Priscilla, the six-year-old, asked if she could have the pizza savers, you know – those white things inside the pizza box. Well, those are called pizza savers to stop the box from hitting the toppings.

Why would she want those?

We could have said no because we were going to throw them away, but instead we washed them off and gave them to her thinking nothing of it.

Well, about an hour later she came to show me her dog bed!

Her dog bed?

Priscilla had sat quietly for an hour by herself with paper, scissors, and tape and made a dog bed with pizza savers.

She used her mind to invent something out of something else!

Can I look at a pizza saver and simply think to create something new with it? Probably not! But Priscilla did. And so can your children.

What are the strange things they do around the house?

What silly objects do they ask to play with?

How many times have they drawn on the wall?

Is it their true selves on display?

“Encourage your child’s imagination!”

~Saleama A. Ruvalcaba, MATS