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Homeschool Memes To Make Your Day!

Enjoy A Nice Laugh To Keep You Encouraged

by: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba

We all know homeschooling can be a tireless, thankless, daunting task. Sometimes we’d rather throw in the towel. Some days we simply want to forget the books and drive to the beach for a week. (Not a bad idea).

Whether you’re a new homeschool parent or a seasoned veteran, enjoy a nice homeschool laugh today.


Remember when the idea of homeschooling seemed like a big challenge, but you were super excited for the challenge? Then suddenly you realized your child’s education is totally on your shoulders. Fear and terror set in.

Well the good news is you’ve made it this far. It can’t get any worse, right?


Oh the comparison game. We’ve all been there!

Talking with another homeschool mother one day, she mentioned that her and her children all get dressed for school each day (Even if they’re not leaving the house) to give them the “real school effect”. We tried that for one week and then I was over it.


Your kid is like; “We’ve already been on this “field trip” a hundred times!”


Yep, sorry homeschoolers! That’s how it is at our house. Snow day comes after schoolwork!


True story: When we lived in California we were part of a public homeschool program with the state. We had to record the work we did monthly with our children and turn it in to our (ES) Educational Specialist assigned to our family. One month my ES literally told me, “You cannot keep marking down that your children do laundry as schoolwork.” LOL



When it’s all said and done, we truly do enjoy this time with our children. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, we have bad days. Yes, we make blunders. But we wouldn’t trade the moments and memories.

I hope if nothing else, you have a nice smile before you start your school day!

-Saleama A. Ruvalcaba


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