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Top 5 Most Annoying Homeschool Questions

Oh..Those Questions!

by: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba

I certainly don’t mean to be flippant here. We’ve been homeschooling almost nine-years now. I don’t get asked these questions as often anymore, but some of you reading this might still get asked these types of questions. Or maybe you’re the one who does the asking?

Writing this post was a nice walk down memory lane for me. When I was asked these questions, they came from family, friends, or just people in general who had no clue about homeschooling.

Here are the top 5 questions I have been asked most often.

5. What Makes You Qualified To Teach Your Children?

Isn’t it amazing how for the first five years of your child’s life you have the capacity to teach your children how to walk, talk, sing, get dressed, and use the bathroom, yet once they’re ready for school you suddenly need a PhD in education to teach them.

I’m not making light of education. It is very important and as home educators we do take it seriously. But even the most amazing, the most qualified school teachers are still a work in progress learning and growing. We can learn and grown as we teach our children at home.

4. Aren’t You Afraid Your Children Will Turn Out Weird?

Weird is subjective. I personally think people who don’t drink coffee are weird.

I also think people who go to Starbucks to get something other than coffee are weird.
Aren’t we all a little weird? God created us in such a unique way. Sometimes instead of embracing the differences in others, we label people as strange, or “weird.”
So we are all in this weird thing together.

3. What If You Ruin Their Life?

My mother use to make this hideous clam seafood pasta when I was younger. I can still taste and smell it.

It was awful! The thought of it today makes me sick. She made it all the time and I had to eat it. Looking back, if I had the option of my life being ruined by my parents homeschooling me or forcing me to eat disgusting creamy clam pasta, I’d choose homeschool all day!

2. But How Can You Be Inside All Day?

Yeah, the day we are actually in our house all day long will be my dream come true!

We are never in our house all day! Our children have lessons we teach in the house, plus co-ops they attend, plus homeschool physical education classes we teach all week, plus extra-circular activities such as music and competitive sports. I do not know any homeschool families who are in their house all day.
Homeschoolers can lead a very active life. It really does have to be carefully scheduled before activity overload takes over.

And the most asked question of all time!

  1. How Will Your Children Make Friends?
Here’s a picture from my daughter’s 12th birthday party.

We had twenty of her friends over for a birthday party. And the twenty girls who attended were the girls who could attend. There were about five more of her friends who could not make it that day. Making friend must be intentional in any setting. Homeschooling does not exclude socialization and relationship building. It might appear to  be easier to make friends in traditional school because students see the same faces each day. But it can still be done while homeschooling when there’s an effort being put forth. I went to traditional school and I never had close friendships. Every person is different and every situation is different, but a child who is homeschooled can make a lot of friends.

In closing, I know people who asks these questions mean well. The truth is, questions help us all learn. Questions are a good thing. Some questions are obviously more annoying than others, but in the end – questions bridge understanding.

I hope this post has helped you learn a little more about homeschoolers. And for those who homeschool, these questions can be frustrating, but we can make known what might be unknown to others.

-Saleama A. Ruvalcaba


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