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DIY Magnetic Tic Tac Toe

Guest Author: Deidra L. Tolliver 

The classic game of tic tac toe has never been as magical as it has become since we created our very own magnetic set! Being that my student is quite the competitive kid, he seems to do everything more enthusiastically and with haste if there’s “winning” involved. Go figure… Since he enjoys the game of tic tac toe so much, and not just because it’s a really simple competitive way to win all the time (against me, at least) but because he’s really good at it, we designed and created our own keepsake!

​We decided to make our very own tic tac toe letters for our Valentines project a few years ago. We’re talking an original, simple, quick, keepsake, collector’s set version, ArtEase!-style. You, too, can make your own set of personalized magnetic tic tac toe X’s and O’s! Here’s how…


5 – X’s (large, wooden) (from craft stores or crafts departments at Target, Walmart)

5 – O’s (large, wooden)

2 – different acrylic paint colors (we chose pink and red for Valentines)

Strong adhesive (we use E-6000 multi-purpose glue – clear)

Paint brushes


1) Paint all the X’s the same color and let dry (different color than O’s)

2) Paint all the O’s the same color and let dry (different color than X’s)

3) After the X’s and O’s are dry, flip over and paint back sides and let dry

4) Using your strong adhesive, glue one to two magnets at the tops and bottoms of one side on each letter

5) Be sure to let the glue dry before using

6) Use any magnetic surface to play the game of tic tac toe

7) We use dry erase boards to draw the “hashtag” playing board and enjoy!

See! Simple! And FUN! We often travel with our X’s and O’s because there’s usually a dry erase board in the class and study rooms we visit. It’s a classic game still enjoyed by people of all ages.

Hopefully you’ll be encouraged to create your own authentic set of magnetic tic tac toe letters. If so, please visit back here and share with us your results. Leave a comment below sharing other magnetic arts and crafts projects that have worked well for you in your homeschool.

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-Deidra L. Tolliver

This article was originally published on ArtEase123! being used on Homeschooling in Memphis with permission.

Deidra L. Tolliver is a regular contributor for Homeschooling in Memphis blog. Before graduating summa cum laude from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree concentrating in Graphic Design, Deidra studied, tutored, and taught art lessons at her church, high school, and college. Since college, she has served as graphic artist at local firms, retired in 2005 to become a homeschool educator, met many homeschool supporters who encouraged her to share her passion for art & education with others, and now works on her family’s blog, “” in which she and her family share many ideas on how to incorporate both art and education into just about any item, project, subject, or activity.

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