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Teaching Your Homeschooler How To Be An Entrepreneur

Guest Author: Riley Elder

For kids and adults alike, summer, with all of its pool parties and ice cream, can actually be full of endless money-making opportunities. When the weather is warm and everyone is out and about, it’s the perfect opportunity to try your hand in the business world. Better yet, let your kids try it!

When I was about 6 years old, I had the bright idea to package dirt and try to sell it out of a wagon at the end of my driveway. I knew my mom wouldn’t miss it and I was sure somebody would need it, so my confidence in this venture was astounding. About an hour later of sitting, I finally sold fifty cents worth of dirt to my grandmother and called it a day. The point is though, I learned something about business. A lot of it is trail and error, but sometimes you just can’t learn unless you try. Yes, dirt is terrible to sell, but if you try hard enough at something, you could sell just about anything.

In the summer time, yard sales and garage sales are plentiful and provide kids the opportunity to learn what value certain things hold.

Budgeting, bartering, and negotiation are all things that can be easily practiced and perfected at a garage or yard sale.

Teach kids to have confidence in their selling items, but also notice what they are worth to others. Let them appreciate what goes into making the money that bought these items that they might have previously given away.

Lemonade stands are a classic summer set up as well. Try mixing it up with some sweet tea or limeade too!  Let kids practice their marketing skills by choosing the location of their setup based on their surroundings. Where can people pull up easily? What age is their target market? Should they offer a salty food for sale as well to potentially stir up more thirst?

Once they figure out how to earn the money, then what? Help kids learn the ups and downs of saving for a bigger purchase down the road vs. treating themselves in the moment. Summer is the BEST excuse to make money at something that you both want to learn more about. Your kids will appreciate the new responsibility as they see more and more the possibilities of what they can really do with their passions and dreams.


-Riley Elder

Riley Elder is a certified life coach and Christ centered relationship blogger from Richmond, Va. Growing up homeschooled, she thrived off anything new there was to learn. Riley’s passion for horses and crazy faith in God’s will, took her to live first in Hatteras, NC then to Oklahoma City, OK where she currently resides with her newly wed husband, Isaac. The two feel strongly called by God to live life in a big and different way. Riley’s desire is to continue to build a ministry that will inspire and encourage teenage girls to live exciting, passionate and confident lives for the Lord.

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  1. This is a great way to clean out forgotten toys and to end the summer. It brought back memories of a perfume set I got for Christmas when I was five. I could mix all the scents and make new ones in ten tiny bottles. I can still smell them! I set out in the snow (tiny town, Indiana) to make my fortune at a nickel a bottle. Sweet neighbors bought five of them, but then I decided to keep the rest for myself. Thanks for the memories!


  2. That’s sounds great! We learn so many ideas from others. I would have never guessed mixing the perfumes to make different smells. Thanks for faithfully reading. And thanks for your comment.


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