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Summer Hot! Sports Camp

Get Outside and Play

by: Saleama A. Ruvalcaba 

This week, our homeschool physical education program, Gifted Athletes, is hosting our second annual summer sports camp. Today and tomorrow are our last two days. It has been a blast this week.

First, we have cool new T-shirts. Well, the colors are new. We’ve received amazing feedback on the bright summer like colors.


We have six amazing teenage volunteers!

The children are having a blast! They are sore. They are learning – and they are having fun.


Something very interesting took place the other day during our lunch break. I was talking with a parent about how children today do not go outside as much to play.

Our sports camp is outdoors – AND IT IS HOT!

When I was looking for a location two years ago, for our first sports camp, my first instinct was to find an indoor gym because we knew it would be hot, however, we could not find a place with available space during this week.

We finally decided to just have the sports camp outside. We contacted an outdoor recreation center in the Bartlett/Arlington, TN area. The grounds are beautiful. There are trees all around with a waterfall pond and walking trail.

We love it!

But it is hot!

While me and the other parent talked during lunch the other day, we were talking about how children do not go outside to play anymore. We were joking about how when we were children we would go outside during the summer months to play and would not go inside until evening.

I am from New Orleans, and the humidity in New Orleans is no joke. When we first moved here to Memphis, people would tell me how the humidity is just like the humidity in New Orleans.

I would laugh!

I would say, “Have you actually been to New Orleans?” The humidity is horrible. Yet – as children, we were outside all day during the summer. We didn’t even go inside for water. We would drink from a hose on the side of our house.

As I think back about how we were looking for an inside location for our summer sports camp, I am so happy God led us to an outdoor location. This year we have several parents who stay for the entire four-hour camp. Some parents sit under the pavilion to talk and meet other parents. Some have enjoyed the nice walking trail. But more importantly, the students are going home each day full of sweat, dirt, sore, laughing, and educated from a day of fun!

We are very pleased that Gifted Athletes has a part in helping students be children by providing a week of summer fun outside!

-Saleama A. Ruvalcaba


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  1. You said it all! Fresh air, sunshine, lots of physical activity, sweat, dirt, torn pants ( hahaha), good friends new and old, learning, team play, laughing, trying again, sharing, pictures, memories, and more! This camp was a gift to us. I overheard, “It’s ONLY one week?” Thank you for all your hard work!!! Camp is just a taste of the school year Gifted Athletes classes.


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