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Summertime Artistry Adventures

Grab A Few Friends And Paint The Town!

Guest Author: Deidra L. Tolliver 

Summer time is the perfect season to indulge in a few fun, artistic, creative activities. If you’re surrounded by kiddies that enjoy a little adventure mixed with a little drawing, coloring, and painting, have you ever considered engaging in (or hosting) a “Paint Club?” Sounds like fun? ABSOLUTELY!

We enjoy painting at home more-so in the summer months because we have much more time daily to explore different art materials, try different paint processes & finishes, and expound on each project. During regular school days, we’re often rushed to move on to the next subject or pack up to literally move on to the next event away from home. Plus, there are more daylight hours in the summer.

If you’re interested in creating a paint club with family and friends during summer months, there are several places to meet each other, multiple ways to get inspired, various themes to consider, and many materials to paint directly onto. Here are a few ideas we’ve enjoyed over the years.

If you’re seeking inspirations on what to paint (or draw), try taking your art materials to these locations around town, set up shop, and be inspired to recreate the world around you.
  your favorite park under your favorite pavilion – observe the animals, birds, trees, bugs, etc.•  find a spot at your favorite lake or pond – listen to the sounds around you and draw from imagination

  downtown at a picnic table or a blanket on the lawn – observe the tall buildings, their windows, company logos, maybe even company flags

  a spot near your airport, in the back of a pick-up truck or under a tree and watch/draw airplanes or passing cars
  your favorite mall in the food court – see the people, families, human interaction around you, or indulge in the many delicious fragrances and let food be your marker’s guide

If you’re seeking something more specific for all the members of your club to think about painting together, like a theme or topic, here are a few themes to consider. You can pre-determine the “theme of the week” before you meet in order to give your creative juices a jumpstart.
  Things with stripes or spots
  Things that fly
  Your favorite place in the world to visit (or one day travel to)
  Things that start with a specific letter of the alphabet
  Things that make noise or sounds
  and many, many more – just be creative

So, you’re tired of drawing or painting on regular paper. There are many items you probably have on hand and hadn’t thought of using, or items you can easily access. Here are a few of our favorites and mediums we enjoy using with each.
  Rocks – regular, bumpy rocks discarded on the side of the road, or smooth ones you can find (or buy)

(Photo provided by Deidra L. Tolliver)

  Canvas – paints are generally associated with canvas art, but markers, pencils, water-color paints, even glue and glitter work well on canvas
  Wax paper/Cookie Paper – Sharpies work really well on wax paper, creating a faux stained glass window effect
  T-shirts (aprons, blankets, anything cloth) – work well with Sharpies, acrylics, and puff paints

We’re calling it a “paint club,” but it can also be extended into an overall art club. Here are a few other tools you may have on hand but hadn’t thought to include during the creation of your many masterpieces, and that are easy to carry along with you.
  paints – acrylic, water-color, puff paints, glitter paints, etc.
  rubber stamps and stamp pads in various shapes, sizes, ink pad colors, etc.
  stickers – puff stickers, alphabet stickers (great for letter art), numbers, animations, etc.
  stencils – alphabet, shapes, flowers and animals, etc. (great for teaching how to trace)

(Photo provided by Deidra L. Tolliver)

Now that you have your group of friends that have agreed to meet with you periodically over the summer, all you have to do now is choose a gathering location, select your theme of the week, and mix and match your materials, bring along a nice snack to share, and VIOLA! You’re off to a great summer filled with endless opportunities for artistic expression. Remember, little ones enjoy being creative just as much as older kids. Just have fun…together!

-Deidra L. Tolliver


Before graduating from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, Deidra L.Tolliver studied, tutored, and taught art lessons at her church, high school, and college. She won the Francis Falls Art Scholarship during her first year in college, and graduated summa cum laude with a concentration in Graphic Design. After graduating from U of M, she worked as a graphic artist in various marketing departments at local corporations (Memphis), including  Kele and Accredo for more than 10 years. She retired her services as graphic designer in the corporate world in 2005 and has embraced her more recent role as “homeschool educator” to her only son.


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