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Celebrating Spirit Week at Home

Guest Author: Deidra L. Tolliver

At our homeschool each fall and spring season, we decided to create our unique Spirit Week, similar to the spirit week that traditional schoolers engage in the week of homecoming. It’s a week where we choose our own theme for each day, dress up according to our theme, wear our “costume” during school time, and add in special treats and activities that we make together, all centered around the theme.

Spirit Week has proven to be so much fun at our school, and gives the teacher (or lesson planner) the opportunity to create various book and curriculum-loose projects and assignments. Thus, the days are more relaxed and they are filled with excitement from early morning throughout the day. We usually plan our Spirit Weeks the week before Fall and Spring Break. This way, we aren’t slacking too much before we take an official week off to “break.”

In addition to the common traditional school spirit week day themes (which is a different theme each day leading up to Friday – the day of the school’s football homecoming game), we added some wacky but fun themes, too.

Traditional days include:

• Dress-up Day – wear your favorite dressy gear
• Career Day – wear your dream job attire
• Wacky/Tacky Day – wear the weirdest clothes you can come up with
• Pajama Day – wear your pj’s to school (homeschoolers seem to do this more often)
• School Spirit Day – wear your school colors or class/senior tee shirt (usually day of

Some of our favorites include:
• Beach Day – wear our favorite beach outfits during school that day, beach ball and all
• Crazy Hat Day – wear our favorite hat or cap, or a combination of several
• Opposite Day – the children dress and act as teachers/parents, and parents dress like
the kids
• Go Fishing Day – wear our fishing attire, even go fishing in the bath tub for
water toys

• Bring a Friend Day – our friends are usually our (stuffed) pets

My son enjoys Spirit Week mostly because each day is a themed-day. It incites energy and fun from the beginning to the end of the day, and it makes for an easier week of school.

It’s almost like Halloween for five consecutive days. We enjoy performing and pretending and being in character. Being allowed to choose various “costumes” each day makes school that much more inviting. It’s even more fun when we add in theme-related edibles to munch on throughout the day, like Goldfish crackers for the “Go Fish Day” or homemade pineapple lemon popsicles for “Beach Day.”

I know for sure my son thoroughly appreciates being homeschooled on days, or shall I say weeks like these!

Photos provided by: Deidra L. Tolliver 

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Before graduating from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree, Deidra L. Tolliver studied, tutored, and taught art lessons at her church, high school, and college. She won the Francis Falls Art Scholarship during her first year in college, and graduated summa cum laude with a concentration in Graphic Design. After graduating from U of M, she worked as a graphic artist in various marketing departments at local corporations (Memphis), including Kele and Accredo for more than 10 years. She retired her services as graphic designer in the corporate world in 2005 and has embraced her more recent role as “homeschool educator” to her only son.