Homeschool College

Homeschoolers Going to Law School?

Making A Difference

Recently, local middle and high school homeschool students had the privilege of hearing from Professor of Law, Mrs. Lisa Shaw Roy, from the University of Mississippi.

Professor Roy took time out of her schedule to speak with homeschool students at the Cordova Library in Cordova, TN. Close to 50 students and parents had the opportunity to hear from Professor Roy. She shared with them a little about her background which included her undergraduate studies, her choice to become an attorney, and her early career start.

Professor Roy gave the students a realistic understanding of law school, and some career choices for when they graduate.

After Professor Roy spoke she took questions. The students and parents spent another 40 minutes asking wonderful, profound questions.

It was a wonderful turnout and a great opportunity for homeschool students in Memphis, TN to consider law school when they graduate.