Homeschoolers Making Friends

Homeschoolers Making Friends

Will My Child Make Friends?

Have you ever feared that your children won’t make friends if they homeschool?

The first question MOST homeschool families are asked is; “How will your child make friends if they are home all day?”

“Home all day”, yeah right!

There is a huge misconception that homeschoolers sit inside a house all day with their dictator parents spewing out lessons. The idea of any peer interaction is a foreign concept.

Most homeschool parents say their children have so many activities they have to turn some activities down.

Some parents get behind on schoolwork and end up doing schoolwork during the summer because their children have so many outside activities.

Now, we are not suggesting that getting behind in schoolwork is okay, but you get the point. Homeschooled students can have a very thriving social life and most of them do. Most homeschoolers have many friends, and are involved in many activities such as drama classes, art classes, recreational sports, writing clubs, honor clubs, speech and debate, and so on.

Having an active social life whether in traditional school or homeschool requires intentionality!

Don’t allow fear to take you off the path God has chosen for your family. If God is leading you to homeschool your children, He will provide – including friends. God cares about every aspect of YOUR life and your child’s life and He won’t leave you or your children on an island alone.

Memphis, TN has a very active homeschool community. MHEA is a great place to start if you’re considering homeschool.