Homeschool Dad

Homeschool Dad’s Rock!

Yes…they do!

On April 27, a group of homeschool dad’s took the day off, or at least took time off from work, to take their children on a field trip to local Memphis, TN TV station, WMC-TV.

Eight dad’s and their children enjoyed a nice behind-the-scenes look at engineering, the weather green screen, and  met a few reporters.

Afterwards they enjoyed lunch together at a nearby Chick-fil-A.

Memphis had experienced a lot of bad weather that week, but that day was the perfect day!

The men got to know each other better since most dad’s work and don’t always have the chance to meet other dad’s. It was great afternoon for the students and a great time for a few homeschool dad’s to connect.

Good job dad’s.

Homeschool dad’s in Memphis rock!

The field trip featured in this post was a part of local homeschool support group, Proverbs Twenty-Two Six Homeschoolers.