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Autism Awareness!

This is being posted late but this sweet story happened during April’s Autism Awareness Month.

A special month at Gifted Athletes Homeschool Physical Education Program in Memphis, TN.

This is Sarah. Her older sister is one of our teen volunteers. The entire school year Sarah has sat and watched our class as her sister helped. Today Sarah decided she wanted to join in. Sarah has autism. She played tennis relay race which required running, thinking fast, and hitting the tennis ball over the net. Sarah was the last one on her team and three times she was the reason her team won! Everyone cheered!

After class, Sarah’s mom, Crystal, mentioned that Sarah loved watching all year learning in her way. Her coach at Special Olympics even asked, “when did she learn to shoot overhand at the goal, and her volleyball serve is a lot better this year., “I had to tell them, “well, she’s been watching and listening to Coach Ru.”

Whenever we share these types of special moments in our program people immediately assume our program is for students with special needs.

Gifted Athletes is a homeschool physical education program. We are an inclusive physical education program available to ALL students.

Today was simply another special day at Gifted Athletes!