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I’m A Homeschool Dad and I Love It!

Well, I Didn’t Always Love It

Guest Author: Omar Ruvalcaba


When me and my wife began to homeschool I was actually very critical of my wife and I did not have much belief in homeschooling.

Also, as the father, I didn’t think I needed any involvement in homeschooling. I put the entire burden on my wife.

Needless-to-say, this caused tremendous strife in our family. My children suffered the outcome, and my wife always doubted herself, which in turn, caused friction between us.

A few years into homeschooling it was as if a lightbulb went off in my head.

This was MY family.

These were MY children.

This was MY wife. If they were failing, then I was failing too!

Letting Go…

I stepped back and I considered my strengths and my wife’s strengths. We both came to the realization that I would become the children’s primary “teacher”. It wasn’t a matter of my wife not doing a good job, instead it was a matter of looking at our children’s education from a bigger picture. It was time to let go of pride – and humble ourselves.

My wife had to let go of any pride she had and accept that there were certain areas she was stronger and weaker in. I had to let go of the pride of being looked at as a “stay-at-home-dad”. I was constantly in situations talking to men who would share with me their exciting careers, while here I am, at home with my kids.


I had failed to see our situation from a broader scope. God gave our family the opportunity for me and my wife to be at home. (We operate a homeschool business which allows us to “work from home.”) I also had the opportunity to still do what I love and that is coaching high school football, yet – still teach my children.

Yes, there was a time I did not like homeschooling. I did not believe it was working for our family. I wanted nothing to do with it.

I now wake up excited to teach my children! I am now excited to see them learn.

I believe in God first, family second, career third. God is the head of our family and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. God entrusted me as the head of my family. I take ownership of our success – and failure.

I’m excited to say that I am a homeschool dad and I love it!

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IMG_8658 Omar Ruvalcaba is owner and operator of Gifted Athletes, a homeschool physical education program in Memphis, TN. He is also an assistant varsity football coach at ECS (Evangelical Christian School). Omar is husband to Saleama. The Ruvalcaba’s have five children and are active members of Bellevue Baptist Church.